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Meet Jackie-Lee

Jackie’s bubbly personality and infectious laugh immediately make her clients feel at ease and welcomed!

She prides herself in making her beauty services available to everyone, “I know from client feedback how they love the feel of my salon that it feels homely and not clinical. My whole goal was to create an environment where my clients can relax and enjoy some downtime.”

Jackie has been a qualified beautician for over seven years after completing her training at the Rockhampton University in Queensland. It was Jackie’s best friend Zoe who inspired her to become a beautician. “Zoe told me that I needed to do this as she saw how I made people feel loved and at ease. She said I could change the feel of a room.”

Jackie is a Mallee girl through and through. She was raised in the small town of Wycheproof. Proudly a shearer’s daughter, she has not shied away from hard work. Jackie has a resume that is as long as it is interesting! She has worked in a bakery, butcher shop, hair salon, supermarkets, motels, feedlots, private dormitory, processing squab farm, packing shed, a  teacher’s assistant and president of a parent teacher association group. But the proudest moment in her life was becoming a foster parent to five beautiful children.

“I decided to open my beauty salon as I was looking for a career where I could be myself and create my own personal unique business.”

Her peaceful salon adjoins Innocence and Attitude, working beside her sister Carrie-Ann. Her salon has been a real work in progress for many years. The Jackie-lees beauty journey started in Queensland as a home-based business and then travelled down to Victoria and began in an old butcher shop.  

“I was offering beauty services from a cool room, and I loved it!”

As Jackie’s and Carrie-Ann’s businesses grew and became bigger and busier they both had the opportunity to move to Beveridge Street. They have been at this location for almost four years now.

“I offer a full range of beauty services to everyone. I regularly visit clients with disabilities at their homes for all their beauty appointments. I also have wheelchair access in my salon which is amazing to have! I listen to all my clients’ requests as I want them to feel comfortable talking openly about anything they want to be done. There is no judgement at my salon, and confidentiality is not negotiable!”

“If you haven’t seen my posts on Instagram or Facebook, you need to check them out! I love what I do, and I am proud of my business, and the client base I have built.  I need my clients as much as they need me.”

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