• Jackie-lee

Celebrating beauty through the ages

The thing I love most about my job is that I can share my love of beauty with my clients. Beauty, for me, goes deeper than vanity. It’s about taking care of your inner self as much as the self that the rest of the world sees.

One of my beautiful clients recently shared with me an heirloom that belonged to her mother.

This beautifully kept manicure set represents a story of resilience and resourcefulness. As I read this story, I had visions of a pioneering Mallee lady sitting at her dressing table, tending to her cuticles after a busy day of carrying out her many duties. She still found time to celebrate her femininity.

Years before self-care became a commonly discussed topic, this lady demonstrated to her daughter the unspoken importance of taking time for oneself, which is something to celebrate. It’s the little things we do that make the biggest difference.

One of my favourite parts of my job is seeing a tired client leave my salon looking refreshed and ready to get back on with their day. Beautiful shiny nails, smooth skin, or pampered feet make us feel good through to the core. Sitting down and taking time for oneself is what feeds the soul.

This beautifully kept treasure that my client has shared with me is currently on display at my salon. Please call in to have a look at it. I was so humbled when my beautiful client shared this heirloom with me.

Jackie xx